Toward an Attentional Commons

"Attention is a resource; a person has only so much of it. And yet we’ve auctioned off more and more of our public space to private commercial interests..."

Media Excess, Disruption, and the Future of the University

Jay Tolson

In his new book, Chad Wellmon argues against those who claim that the research university is an outmoded, bureaucratic institution ripe for disruption.

Re-enchantment: The Fall Issue Appears

Introducing the fall issue.

From the Archives: “Violence and Religion: Cause or Effect?”

In memory of René Girard (December 25, 1923–November 4, 2015): “Archaic religions are not simply false explications of the universe.”

The Hedgehog Review Featured In Adbusters

The Hedgehog does a little adbusting.

Joseph E. Davis on the Zika Virus

Joseph E. Davis writes about the Zika virus at the NYU Press blog.

Introducing the Fall Issue: The Cultural Contradictions of Modern Science

Jay Tolson

As the power of science grows, its dominion extends even into areas of our culture where its proclaimed authority is questionable.

Johann Neem: “Do We Still Know How to Be Good Citizens?”

Check out historian Johann Neem on the question: “Do We Still Know How to Be Good Citizens?”

Introducing the Summer Issue: The Meaning of Cities

Introducing our summer issue: The Meaning of Cities.

From the Archives: Peter Berger

We mourn the passing of Peter Berger.

Introducing the Fall Issue: The End of the End of History?

Introducing the fall issue: The End of the End of History?

Introducing Our Spring Issue

Jay Tolson

What does dominion “over every living thing that moves on the earth” mean? Brute sovereignty and ruthless exploitation? Or thoughtful stewardship and responsible cultivation?

Welcome to the New Hedgehog Review

The Editors

New and improved and ready to roll.