After Strange Gods: Peter Thiel and the Cult of Startupism

Guest Blogger

I don’t deny that Thiel offers genuine, authoritative insight into entrepreneurship and the dynamics of a startup organization. It’s when he tacitly suggests that society derives its crucial and even salvific dynamism from the startup that I become both skeptical and nervous

Mirror, Mirror

B.D. McClay

For now, the television show that really will hold up the mirror to our technological lives probably has yet to air.

Is Religious Freedom Imperiled?

John Inazu

Steven Smith’s newest book expresses greater pessimism about the current trajectory of religious freedom in America. But he may not be pessimistic enough.

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Some spooky stories for Halloween.

Brain Talk in the Age of Enlightenment

What’s the danger in loose brain talk?

A Christian Movie that Embarrasses Christianity

Guest Blogger

Ben-Hur is yet another movie made by Christians that fails to do justice to their faith.

More Spooky Stories for Halloween

Spooky selections for your Halloween weekend

Scorsese’s Catholic Dilemma

Jeffrey Guhin

The question for Silence is not whether another world exists but how such a recognition should affect our lives here.

Liberalism Strikes Back

Rita Koganzon

Liberalism today finds itself in the strange position of being the political philosophy that everyone lives by and no one wants to defend.