John Inazu


John Inazu is the Sally D. Danforth Distinguished Professor of Law and Religion at Washington University in St. Louis and the author of Liberty’s Refuge: The Forgotten Freedom of Assembly (Yale University Press, 2012).

Engaging Jesus and John Wayne

In praise of nuance and self-reflection.

The Virus Without a Vaccine

We are also in the throes of an information virus.

Protest and Spectacle in Lafayette Square

Protest and spectacle are not merely symbols.

Law, Religion, and Confident Pluralism in the University

With our colleagues, and with our students, we have the space not only to express disagreement in more than tweets and sound bites, but also to probe the reasons underlying our disagreement.

The Incomprehensible Witness of Forgiveness

Meaningful social change requires the kind of social reconciliation that can only emerge through aggregated instances of both forgiveness and repentance.

Is Religious Freedom Imperiled?

Steven Smith’s newest book expresses greater pessimism about the current trajectory of religious freedom in America. But he may not be pessimistic enough.