Adam Zagajewski


A leading poet of the Polish New Wave, Adam Zagajewski is Visiting Associate Professor of English in the Creative Writing Program at the University of Houston. Several of his books have been translated into English including: several volumes of poetry: Mysticism for Beginners (1997), Tremor (1985), and Canvas (1991); a memoir, Another Beauty (2000); and two prose collections, Two Cities (1995) and Solitude and Solidarity (1990). He has received a fellowship from the Berliner Kunstlerprogramm, the Kurt Tucholsky Prize, a Prix de la Liberté, and a Guggenheim Fellowship.

A Gallery of Poems by Adam Zagajewski

from The Shifting Experience of Self, Volume 13, Number 1

Zagajewski’s poems call us to live more deeply, with both the ugliness and beauty of life, saying “but, just wait…there is more.”