Wilfred M. McClay

What if the logic of the social media world continues to envelop our discourse?

The New Prince

Andrew Lynn

Deneen’s politics of resentment primarily seeks to seize power from political enemies.

The Myth of the Friedman Doctrine

Kyle Edward Williams

Friedman’s viewpoint went far deeper and has been more lasting than the politics of 1970.

Name Your Industry—or Else!

Sarah M. Brownsberger

Are we all in an industry? What happened to “occupation”?

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Markets and the Good

Thinking beyond the tyranny of economics.

Of Continuing Interest

A selection of articles from the archives

Our Pets, Ourselves

Christine Rosen

A turn to animals for emotional support is hardly surprising, even if it is not ideal.

The Jefferson Brand

Timothy C. Jacobson

Between Jefferson’s profession of faith in the virtues of republican simplicity and the style of his own life the contradiction could hardly be greater.

On Winter

Matt Dinan

It is hard to sustain the illusion that there is anything good about winter after the hundredth day or so.

Nietzsche’s Quarrel with History

Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen

As much as we may wish otherwise, history gives us few reasons to believe that its moral arc bends toward justice.