An Ever More Perfect Novel

Tyler Malone

The Great American Novel? Why are we still banging on about that old thing?

The Distance from Our Food

Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft

Distance can breed ignorance of the ecosystems and individual animal lives that feed us.

The Art of Not Concluding

Becca Rothfeld

Can philosophy be worth doing?

Solving for André, Subtracting Simone

Robert Minto

A grotesque and caricatured version of Simone Weil undermines an otherwise good book.

Current Issue Current Issue: Eating and Being

Eating and Being

Examining the cultural meanings of our foodways.

Of Continuing Interest

A selection of articles from the archives

What Makes Me Black? What Makes You White?

W. Ralph Eubanks

Race is an absurdity. Yet as a means of defining and separating people, it retains its power. 

We’re Here, That’s All

B.D. McClay

The trouble, as Robinson sees it, is that Americans have accepted a story about America that has stripped the country of its moral resources and heritage. 

Package-Deal Ethics

James Mumford

The great curse of our generation is how political polarization is warping the way we think through our deepest moral dilemmas.


Wilfred M. McClay

Scholars have not always been the most objective students of populism, partly because their own interests are at stake, scholarship and expertise being so often numbered among the chief targets of populist abuse.