Staying for the Truth

Alan Jacobs

The only way out of this prison of self-deception and self-justification is to love and seek the truth.

Real and Fake Accounts

David Bosworth

Exploring the social and psychological costs of a life increasingly lived online.

The Impotence of Being Clever

Alexander Stern

The cleverness that proliferates in public life today is a nuisance.

Spirituality Ascendant

Richard Hughes Gibson

God’s funeral was premature.

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Hope Itself

What is lost need not stay lost if we rediscover a sense of hope.

Of Continuing Interest

A selection of articles from the archives

Why We Confess

Elizabeth Bruenig

Confession being fraught as it is with danger for both speaker and listener, the ordinariness of admission is probably the only thing that sustains it.

Cannabis as a Cultural Question

James Mumford

How are we ethically to evaluate the practice of getting stoned?

On Winter

Matt Dinan

It is hard to sustain the illusion that there is anything good about winter after the hundredth day or so.

The Metaphysics of the Hangover

Mark Edmundson

A hangover is about being poisoned, no doubt. The toxins linger in the body and must be expelled, or waited out. We’re sick with a mini-flu and need to get better. But isn’t a hangover about more than physical toxins, at least some of the time?