The Denial of the Moral as Lived Experience

James Davison Hunter

The young will be formed. The question is how.

Defending Democracy Abroad

John M. Owen IV

The case for defending democracy abroad needs to be made anew.

Sorting the Self

Christopher Yates

The self has never been more securely an object of classification than it is today.

From the Editor

Jay Tolson

It is the deficit of character that motivates the thematic focus of this issue of The Hedgehog Review.

Current Issue Current Issue: Missing Character

Missing Character

The greatest casualty of an impoverished moral order

Of Continuing Interest

A selection of articles from the archives

Nietzsche’s Quarrel with History

Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen

As much as we may wish otherwise, history gives us few reasons to believe that its moral arc bends toward justice.

The Evangelical Question in the History of American Religion

Kirsten Sanders

It is nearly impossible to be a white, American Christian without being an evangelical.

Our Pets, Ourselves

Christine Rosen

A turn to animals for emotional support is hardly surprising, even if it is not ideal.

The Jefferson Brand

Timothy C. Jacobson

Between Jefferson’s profession of faith in the virtues of republican simplicity and the style of his own life the contradiction could hardly be greater.