The Problem of Perishable Progress

Stuart Whatley and Nicholas Agar

Because so many of our material and technological advances have been inherited, we take them for granted and demand more.

The Man Who Saved Capitalism from Itself

Charlie Tyson

In studying Keynes, we watch radical ideas emerge filtered through a conservative sensibility.

Capital Inequalities

Shamus Khan

We may well need to transcend the capital analogy.

Is There a Place for Utopia?

S.D. Chrostowska

Consider embracing utopia at once as indeterminate speculation about a qualitatively better future and as a hypothesis, by assuming it to be possible.

Current Issue Current Issue: Distinctions That Define and Divide

Distinctions That Define and Divide

What are the dynamics and power of the capitals of distinction?

Of Continuing Interest

A selection of articles from the archives

When Science Went Modern

Lorraine Daston

This was the nightmare of scientific progress: The truths of today would become the falsehoods—or at least the errors—of tomorrow.

Technocratic Vistas

Jackson Lears

What many defenders of liberal democracy fail to realize is that they are no longer defending either liberalism or democracy.

Why We Confess

Elizabeth Bruenig

Confession being fraught as it is with danger for both speaker and listener, the ordinariness of admission is probably the only thing that sustains it.

I Loved You, I Loved You

Alexander Zubatov

Increasingly, we do not, as a rule, do art anymore, and certainly not in the way we once experienced it.