TikTok Extends the Wasteland

Jeff Hewitt

Television is a paradigm that frames all visual communication as entertainment.

Missed America

Johann N. Neem

When all the bad things America did are true, but none of the good things, something is amiss.

The Satmar Option

Rita Koganzon

Where do the Hasidim fit in the American picture of religious liberty?

The Far Invisible

Alan Jacobs

Pynchon diagnosed our idolatry of the inanimate.

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Theological Variations

Recovering theology in a contemporary context.

Of Continuing Interest

A selection of articles from the archives

Unbecoming American

Johann N. Neem

As a child, I thought that to be American was to believe in individuality, to support pluralism and equality, and to celebrate common holidays and eat common foods.

Being Left Behind

Felicia Wu Song

No longer fed by universal hope, Progress is instead driven by fear.

A Tale of Two Stories

Angel Adams Parham

Were it not for this creative, constructive impulse, the fire next time would have burned this country down many times over.

Democratic Authority at Century’s End

Jean Bethke Elshtain

The democratic story added the following to the idea of civic order: Through pledges and promises—a social contract or covenant—persons throw in their fortunes with one another. They seek not a perfect world, but a better one. And authority is necessary to its realization.