Paul Valéry and the Mechanisms of Modern Tyranny

Nathaniel Rudavsky-Brody

All modern forms of government presume an objectification of their citizens.

Art and the Art of Living

Matthew Mutter

The disagreement between modernism and the contemporary discourse of “self-help” is not about whether literature has “therapeutic” capacities.

The Press and the Police

Sophie Haigney

When you turn to the news, what you will encounter, overwhelmingly, is crime.

The Strange Undeath of Middlebrow

Phil Christman

Everything that was once considered lowbrow is now triumphant.

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Who Do We Think We Are?

The narratives we use in thinking about who we are should be handled with care, even skepticism.

Of Continuing Interest

A selection of articles from the archives

How We Lost Our Attention

Matthew B. Crawford

This is a fertile time in the philosophy of mind and cognitive science for thinking about attention.

Dissent and Solidarity

James Davison Hunter

King’s arguments for freedom and justice were not only constitutional but also profoundly ethical.

The Modern Beggar

S.D. Chrostowska

The lack of cultural capital spurs a form of social begging intended to expand and upgrade the supplicant’s social network.