Sorting the Self

Christopher Yates

The self has never been more securely an object of classification than it is today.


Wilfred M. McClay

A, like, meditation on, like, words like “like.”

What the Ancients Knew

Ryan S. Olson

The histories and literatures of antiquity can help us address some of our contemporary ethical deficit disorder.

A Carrier Bag Theory of Biology

Lee Cooper

W.S. Merwin began by digging a hole.

Current Issue Current Issue: Missing Character

Missing Character

The greatest casualty of an impoverished moral order

Of Continuing Interest

A selection of articles from the archives

Name Your Industry—or Else!

Sarah M. Brownsberger

Are we all in an industry? What happened to “occupation”?

The Modern Beggar

S.D. Chrostowska

The lack of cultural capital spurs a form of social begging intended to expand and upgrade the supplicant’s social network.

A Tale of Two Stories

Angel Adams Parham

Were it not for this creative, constructive impulse, the fire next time would have burned this country down many times over.

Seven Ways of Looking at Religion

Benjamin Schewel

Religion is more than the many ways in which it can be viewed.