Vladimir and Volodymyr: A Pivotal Moment in History

Martha Bayles

Putin continues to play the Third Rome card that has brought him this far.

Nietzsche’s Quarrel with History

Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen

As much as we may wish otherwise, history gives us few reasons to believe that its moral arc bends toward justice.


Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn

Fantasies of freeing ourselves of the baggage of the past run aground on the fact that humans are history-bearing animals.

You Won’t Miss Them Till They’re Gone

Paul Franz

Does anyone still need advice on how not to think like a liberal?

Current Issue Current Issue: The Use and Abuse of History

The Use and Abuse of History

If history has its uses, then its abuses are manifold.

Of Continuing Interest

A selection of articles from the archives

Vocation in the Valley

Philip Lorish

What kind of society can be produced from a work culture that demands so much from its workers without offering them stability in return?

Nostalgia and Its Discontents

Svetlana Boym

Nostalgia is at the very core of the modern condition.

Proceduralism, Pragmatism, and Postmodernity

John Patrick Diggins

It is difficult to see how politics can be addressed without reference to deeper philosophical foundations

Virtuosos of Idleness

Charlie Tyson

Our crisis of work is accompanied by a crisis of idleness.