B.D. McClay

The Internet has only one currency, and that currency is attention


Philip Weinstein

Our identity—insofar as it may be thought of as a fortress—is less adept at resisting life’s various microassaults at 3 am.

The Dream of Electric Sheep

Ryan Kemp

The Internet as we know and use it in our daily lives significantly limits our capacity for freedom in all the various and complex senses of the term.


Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn

Fantasies of freeing ourselves of the baggage of the past run aground on the fact that humans are history-bearing animals.

Current Issue Current Issue: The Use and Abuse of History

The Use and Abuse of History

If history has its uses, then its abuses are manifold.

Of Continuing Interest

A selection of articles from the archives

How Enduring the Promise?

Andrew Lynn

It is fair to say that a new economic populism has been rendered impotent by cultural identity markers that shape voting patterns.

Identity Tethering in an Age of Symbolic Politics

Mark Dunbar

The less politics effects change, the more politics will affect mood.

Expletive Defeated

Wilfred M. McClay

We need more profanity? Aren’t we already being inundated with it?

The Relatability Paradox

Phoebe Maltz Bovy

What could be more relatable than for your work life and private life to have merged into one?