Andrew Lynn


Andrew Lynn is a fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture. He is the author of Saving the Protestant Ethic: Creative Class Evangelicals and the Crisis of Work.

The New Prince

from Markets and the Good, Volume 25, Number 3

Deneen’s politics of resentment primarily seeks to seize power from political enemies.

Corporate Maternalism

from Hope Itself, Volume 24, Number 3

What hath the kindergarten to do with the office?

How Enduring the Promise?

from America on the Brink, Volume 22, Number 3

It is fair to say that a new economic populism has been rendered impotent by cultural identity markers that shape voting patterns.

Cultural Marxism

from The Evening of Life, Volume 20, Number 3

How does a nineteenth-century Hegel-reading philosopher like Karl Marx shape the thinking of today’s social-justice warriors?

Race, MLK, and the Allure of Made-for-TV Justice

Media executives have honed the craft of attracting national interest to flair-ups and clashes over school board proceedings, controversial small business practices, or more recently, police misconduct.

Where the Critics of Liberalism Go Wrong

Postliberalism comes to embody a form of cultural criticism that ultimately does not believe in culture itself.

The Limits of Corporate Activism

The longer history of businesses navigating their extra-economic responsibilities brings to light the true nature of corporate activism today.