Charlie Tyson


Charlie Tyson is a junior fellow of the Harvard Society of Fellows.

You Can’t Go Home Again

from Missing Character, Volume 26, Number 1

Our thinking about nostalgia is badly flawed because it relies on defective assumptions about progress and time.

The Man Who Saved Capitalism from Itself

from Distinctions That Define and Divide, Volume 23, Number 2

In studying Keynes, we watch radical ideas emerge filtered through a conservative sensibility.

The Wagner Effect

from America on the Brink, Volume 22, Number 3

Far beyond the opera house and the concert hall, we are living in a world Wagner helped make.

Under the Sign of Sontag

from Eating and Being, Volume 21, Number 3

Could Sontag the woman ever live up to Sontag the persona?

Do Something!

from Reality and Its Alternatives, Volume 21, Number 2

When it comes to doing nothing, style is everything

Virtuosos of Idleness

from The Human and the Digital, Volume 20, Number 1

Our crisis of work is accompanied by a crisis of idleness.