Charlie Tyson


Charlie Tyson is a PhD candidate in English at Harvard University.

The Man Who Saved Capitalism from Itself

from Distinctions That Define and Divide, Volume 23, Number 2

In studying Keynes, we watch radical ideas emerge filtered through a conservative sensibility.

The Wagner Effect

from America on the Brink, Volume 22, Number 3

Far beyond the opera house and the concert hall, we are living in a world Wagner helped make.

Under the Sign of Sontag

from Eating and Being, Volume 21, Number 3

Could Sontag the woman ever live up to Sontag the persona?

Do Something!

from Reality and Its Alternatives, Volume 21, Number 2

When it comes to doing nothing, style is everything

Virtuosos of Idleness

from The Human and the Digital, Volume 20, Number 1

Our crisis of work is accompanied by a crisis of idleness.