David Stromberg


David Stromberg is a writer, translator, and scholar living in Jerusalem. Among his recent publications are several speculative essays, including “A Short Inquiry into the End of the World,” “The Eternal Hope of the Wandering Jew,” and “To Kill an Intellectual.”

The Eternal Hope of the Wandering Jew

from Hope Itself, Volume 24, Number 3

I’ve been cursed to envision peace without ever experiencing it myself.

Inside Out and Outside In

Camus embodied an existence that was itself conflicted, caught between the vectors of history and lived experience.

Return of the False Messiah

Understanding the extent of the threat posed by Bibi requires a broad historical perspective.

Whose Terror?

I remember hearing the news and thinking that this was going to end badly for everyone. I had no idea just how bad things would get.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Victim of the Holocaust

The cultural legacy of Bruno Schulz.

The Almost Unbearable Burden of Belonging

What to become? Dissident or emigrant? Move abroad?