Eugene McCarraher


Eugene McCarraher is an associate professor of humanities at Villanova University and author of The Enchantments of Mammon: Capitalism as the Religion of Modernity.

Dearly Beloved

from The Evening of Life, Volume 20, Number 3

Although he was more iconoclast than apostle, Bourne can point us toward a politics of love.

Prophecy in Unbelieving Form

from The Post-Modern Self, Volume 19, Number 1

“Critical theory” was the Frankfurt School’s elaborate alibi for the proletariat’s dereliction of its historical duty.

We Have Never Been Disenchanted

from Re-enchantment, Volume 17, Number 3

Capitalism has been a form of enchantment, a metamorphosis of the sacred in the raiment of secularity. With money as its ontological marrow, it represents a moral and metaphysical imagination as well as a sublimation of our desire for the presence of divinity in the everyday world.

Domestic Arrangements

from Meditations on Exile and Home, Volume 7, Number 3

For too long, Americans have followed Thoreau back to the safety of the hut, only to discover that the lives they lived were full of quiet desperation.