James Mumford


James Mumford is a fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture and a visiting fellow at The McDonald Centre, Christ Church, Oxford. His latest book is Vexed: Ethics beyond Political Tribes.

Cannabis as a Cultural Question

from Questioning the Quantified Life, Volume 22, Number 2

How are we ethically to evaluate the practice of getting stoned?

Package-Deal Ethics

from The End of the End of History?, Volume 19, Number 3

The great curse of our generation is how political polarization is warping the way we think through our deepest moral dilemmas.

Moral Imagination Holds the Key

How do we more lastingly move beyond the impasses we have reached on a host of ethical issues at the heart of our highly politicized culture wars?

A Christian Movie that Embarrasses Christianity

Ben-Hur is yet another movie made by Christians that fails to do justice to their faith.

Cheering for Thanatos

For the editors of The Economist, euthanasia is "an idea whose time has come."