Jonathan D. Teubner


Jonathan D. Teubner is associate fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, the Founder and CEO of FilterLabs.AI, and a contributing editor of The Hedgehog Review.

The Confessions of Peter Brown

from Missing Character, Volume 26, Number 1

The historian is our most modern of all scholars.

Immoral Hazard

from Theological Variations, Volume 25, Number 2

Have we actually shifted the cost to those who take outsized risks?

A Happier Internet

from Hope Itself, Volume 24, Number 3

Social media desperately requires innovation.

Another Betrayal of the Intellectuals

from America on the Brink, Volume 22, Number 3

A historian charts the evolution of her own center-right liberalism.

Unveiling Our New Modernity

from Questioning the Quantified Life, Volume 22, Number 2

We are coming to see our world as increasingly discontinuous with the twentieth century.

Return of the Repressed

from Animals and Us, Volume 21, Number 1

The post-Auschwitz consensus that made overt anti-Semitism strictly forbidden is rapidly fading.

Confessing Secularism

from Identities—What Are They Good For?, Volume 20, Number 2

Emboldened by the Revolution of 1848 and by later attempts by the dominant Protestant church to purify itself, German secularists began to craft their beliefs, behavior, and sense of belonging along the lines of a Konfession.

Belonging to Europe

from The Human and the Digital, Volume 20, Number 1

Far from being the hope of cosmopolitan liberal democracy, Europe is experiencing a reemergence of the national identities and antagonisms that European values and the union they were meant to bring about were supposed to prevent.

You Can’t Fact Check Propaganda

Could it be otherwise? Probably not, at least at the moment.

After the Fall of Silicon Valley Bank

It is time for the tech world to start thinking institutionally.

Unveiling Our New Modernity

Our world is increasingly discontinuous with the twentieth century.