Jonathan Malesic


Jonathan Malesic teaches first-year writing at Southern Methodist University and is the author of The End of Burnout: Why Work Drains Us and How to Build Better Lives. His essays have appeared in The New Republic, New York Times Magazine, The Point, Chronicle of Higher Education, America, Commonweal, and elsewhere. He was a 2004–05 visiting fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture.

Stacked Deck

from Authenticity, Volume 23, Number 3

Substack prompts the question should the people we rely on to inform us be celebrities?

Je Regrette Tout

from Monsters, Volume 22, Number 1

Moral growth doesn’t just mean looking to the future but reconciling past and present selfhood. It demands regret.

When Work and Meaning Part Ways

from The Evening of Life, Volume 20, Number 3

The fact is, work as we know it isn’t worth saving anyway.

Out of the Woods

from The End of the End of History?, Volume 19, Number 3

The conflict between the solitary ideal and Thoreau’s real drive to map connection plays out concretely in his many ascents up New England’s peaks.

A Stacked Deck

What makes someone a likely Substack star is an ability to cultivate one-way, parasocial relationships with readers.

All Work, No Ethic

Many office workers aren’t tasked with anything useful to do.