Lisa Lorish


Lisa Lorish is an assistant federal public defender for the Western District of Virginia and a graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law.

What Is Innocence Worth?

What should the compensation be for overserving a prison sentence?

Outlaw or Criminal?

We Americans have a soft spot for the outlaw. But what distinguishes an outlaw from a criminal?

Questions of Life and Death—The Tsarnaev Case

We have no way of knowing whether Tsarnaev was given the opportunity to avoid a trial and plead to a life sentence, or if he would have taken that offer had it been made. It seems clear that there are inconsistencies when government determines when to seek death sentences.

Throwing Away the Key

When did we stop believing in rehabilitation? The case of Lima-Marin should make us stop and ask why we punish, and what happens to those we punish.