Malloy Owen


Malloy Owen is a PhD student in political science at Stanford University.

Ideologies Have Their Reasons

from The Varieties of Travel Experience, Volume 26, Number 2

Ideologues who understand that they are consulting human-made maps will be more open to alternative interpretations when their maps conflict with reality.

From Frankfurt to Fox

from By Theory Possessed, Volume 25, Number 1

There is the looming sense that critical theory is somehow near the center of the crisis of our time.

Between Utopia and Disaster

from Political Mythologies, Volume 24, Number 1

The mass migration of ordinary life into virtual space begins to look like a fantasy of perfect governance.

The House Always Wins

from Authenticity, Volume 23, Number 3

Virtual worlds have to be built by someone, and whoever builds them tells the story, writes the rules, composes the laws of physics, inscribes the boundaries of the possible, exerts an imperceptible influence on every thought, act, and outcome.

The Unchosen Condition

from Who Do We Think We Are?, Volume 23, Number 1

Is there really anything left to say about White Fragility?

Between Utopia and Disaster

The modern state is founded on a dream—the dream of perfect knowledge that secures perfect power.