Mark Edmundson


Mark Edmundson is University Professor in the Department of English at the University of Virginia. His books include Why Football Matters: My Education in the Game, Why Teach?, and Self and Soul: A Defense of Ideals.

The Metaphysics of the Hangover

from The Meaning of Cities, Volume 19, Number 2

A hangover is about being poisoned, no doubt. The toxins linger in the body and must be expelled, or waited out. We’re sick with a mini-flu and need to get better. But isn’t a hangover about more than physical toxins, at least some of the time?

Body and Soul

from The Body in Question, Volume 17, Number 2

Does the body still exist if we do not have souls?

One Nation Under Fear

from Thinking About the Poor, Volume 16, Number 3

We have become a nation and a people that simply cannot abide risks.

A Word to the New Humanities Professor

from What’s the University For?, Volume 2, Number 3

How does a contemporary humanities professor abet the pursuit of enjoyment?

Something Happened to Me the Other Day

When someone so much as touches a state vehicle, the wheels of justice begin to turn, and that’s that.

Changing Times

Once upon a time there was a publication that was doing all it could to tell a straight story and to listen to all sides.

Dare We Call It Charisma?

A trick that only the most gifted demagogues can bring off.

You liberal you!

A human spirit of community and kindness can be learned. But it can also be forgotten.

Remembering Kobe with Respect, Not Adulation

Dear friends: The man bounced a rubber ball for a living.

It’s Complicated

What’s up with us humans, us American humans, that we’re committing ourselves more and more to unbending postures?