Mary Townsend


Mary Townsend is an assistant professor of philosophy at St. John's University, Queens, New York. Her most recent book is The Woman Question in Plato’s Republic.


Desire in the Cave

from By Theory Possessed, Volume 25, Number 1

The fact is that we do not hold desire and reason together very well.

Do Women Exist?

from Identities—What Are They Good For?, Volume 20, Number 2

We American women do now find ourselves in a bit of an existential predicament with regard to the being-ness of being a woman.

The Walking Wounded

from The Post-Modern Self, Volume 19, Number 1

We talk about a suicide contagion’s progression across a given community as though it were a biological phenomenon, an epidemic without conscious direction.


from Work in the Precarious Economy, Volume 18, Number 1

Housekeeping doesn’t just enable us to dwell; housekeeping is dwelling, and also it is thought.