Matt Dinan


Matt Dinan is an Associate Professor in the Great Books Program at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Friendship as Soulcraft

from Markets and the Good, Volume 25, Number 3

Because you don’t need friends, and they don’t need you, you must seek them out.

American Restlessness

from Political Mythologies, Volume 24, Number 1

Why precisely are the most fortunate of us the most restless? How can our private, individual restlessness explain our public, political sclerosis?

Lost Together

from Who Do We Think We Are?, Volume 23, Number 1

Hunting after the “hidden life of learning,” Zena Hitz defends learning for its own sake.

Mind the Gap

from Questioning the Quantified Life, Volume 22, Number 2

Modernity needs to be revealed to us, because it so successfully hides its true character, insulating itself against revision and correction.

On Winter

from Monsters, Volume 22, Number 1

It is hard to sustain the illusion that there is anything good about winter after the hundredth day or so.


from Reality and Its Alternatives, Volume 21, Number 2

What does it mean to like something "ironically"?

Be Nice

from The Evening of Life, Volume 20, Number 3

It perhaps goes without saying that the person with greatness of soul is not a great party guest.

Aristotle, Literally

I don’t think Aristotle is our enemy. I consider him a friend.

The School of Anxiety

Anxiety teaches nothing but possibility, but I, at least, am a finite being.