Nancy Isenberg


Nancy Isenberg is the author of White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America (2016), and is the T. Harry Williams Professor of American History at Louisiana State University.

Democracy’s Thorn

from Distinctions That Define and Divide, Volume 23, Number 2

If not minimized as an aberration, mob violence is often justified as the legitimate expression of popular will.

To Forgive Us Our Trespasses…

from America on the Brink, Volume 22, Number 3

In the words of retired Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy,  “a people confident in its laws and institutions should not be ashamed of mercy.”

The Great Wall of Trump

from Reality and Its Alternatives, Volume 21, Number 2

What historical category truly contains a Trump? 

Cosmopolitanism vs. Provincialism

from The Meaning of Cities, Volume 19, Number 2

American politics thrives on exploiting confusion about real and perceived interests, whether those interests are tied to region or class, or both.