Phil Christman


Phil Christman teaches first-year writing at the University of Michigan and is the editor of the Michigan Review of Prisoner Creative Writing. His work has appeared in The Christian Century, Paste, Books & Culture, and other publications. His book Midwest at Midnight is forthcoming.

Mary Midgley, 1919–2018

from Animals and Us, Volume 21, Number 1

Mary Midgley’s writing was profound but rarely technical; she trained her sights on general problems.

Friedman’s Demon

from Animals and Us, Volume 21, Number 1

Can neoliberalism’s conceptual structure be traced directly to medieval Western Christianity?

On Being Midwestern

from The End of the End of History?, Volume 19, Number 3

Small wonder that Midwestern cities, institutions, and people show up again and again in the twentieth-century effort to determine what, in America, is normal.

Fanfares for the Common Man

from The Post-Modern Self, Volume 19, Number 1

Those who write about the rural, white, poor South often alternate between disgust and empathy.