Stuart Whatley


Stuart Whatley (@StuartWhatley) is senior editor at Project Syndicate.

Toward a Leisure Ethic

from By Theory Possessed, Volume 25, Number 1

What if the work-week were fifteen hours a week? What if it were zero?

The Problem of Perishable Progress

from Distinctions That Define and Divide, Volume 23, Number 2

Because so many of our material and technological advances have been inherited, we take them for granted and demand more.

The Machine Pauses

from Questioning the Quantified Life, Volume 22, Number 2

Technology always holds the key to our salvation. The question is whether it also played a role in our original sin.

After Cosmopolitanism

from Monsters, Volume 22, Number 1

Like globalist, cosmopolitan has become a freighted term.

The Machine Pauses

It is precisely at such moments of technological dependency that one might consider interrogating one’s relationship with technology more broadly.