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Happiness as an End in Itself

from The American Dream, Volume 15, Number 2

Recent studies suggest that working on happiness may be counterproductive.

Recess Coaches

from Does Religious Pluralism Require Secularism?, Volume 12, Number 3

In an era of life coaches, we now have “recess coaches.”

What Does Mark Zuckerberg Want from the Metaverse?

For Mark Zuckerberg, the metaverse is personally important, a way to achieve an absolute good through connecting people.

Podcast: Political Mythologies

A conversation about the role of mythmaking in modern politics.

Worth a Second Look

Often poignant, sometimes humorous, and always searching explorations of our cultural experiences and predicaments

Introducing Our Summer Issue

Welcome to “Reality and Its Alternatives.”

Welcome to the New Hedgehog Review

New and improved and ready to roll.