Vincent Ercolano


Vincent Ercolano is a writer and copy editor.


from America on the Brink, Volume 22, Number 3

If being sensible was no virtue to my father, being fantastic was just as bad.

Famous, But Studiously Ignored, in Baltimore

I like to think that this kind of deference is a Baltimore thing.

Had Any Candidate Explanations Recently?

Candidate as an adjective—was this the newest lingo, something a copy editor like me should know about?

Means of Ascent

The president and the humble staircase: a short survey.

The Beatles and the Glory of Creative Risk

It took the roiling events of 1963 to open the ears and hearts of the American public to the Beatles.

Love and Mr. Lincoln

What if Ann Rutledge had lived, and she and Lincoln had married?

Let Us Now Praise the Periodical Cicadas

The pulsating song of billions of seventeen-year cicadas.