THR Web Features   /   March 25, 2016

The Hedgehog’s Array: March 25, 2016

Noteworthy reads from the last week:

“Something Big,” Geoff Dyer

“Rodia’s ambition was merely “to do something big.” It wasn’t even an ambition — those are usually underpinned by a desire for acclaim, recognition, fame, money. Instead it was more like a hobby, something he pursued in his free time, albeit with unswerving single-mindedness.”

“Human Error,” Jennifer Jacquet

“That humans have helped bring on other species’ end times is not an easy feeling to deal with. Survivor guilt in the Anthropocene may describe how we respond to harm done by human­kind’s ever-increasing dominance.”

“How Do You Say ‘Life’ in Physics?,” Allison Eck

“The arrow of time points in the direction of disorder. The arrow of life, however, points the opposite way. From a simple, dull seed grows an intricately structured flower, and from the lifeless Earth, forests and jungles. How is it that the rules governing those atoms we call ‘life’ could be so drastically different from those that govern the rest of the atoms in the universe?”

“Amidst of the Rubble of Bedrock City,” Amy McKeever

“Bedrock City was a theme park whose main attraction was a glimpse into what the Flintstones’ hometown would have looked and felt like, if only it were real.”