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The Hedgehog’s Array: November 13, 2015

Noteworthy reads from the last week:

“The Case for Bad Coffee,” Keith Pandolfi

“I've devolved into an unexpected love affair with bad coffee.”

“A Sacrificial Goat in Every Pot,” Matthew Walther

“What about the god of the wilderness? Was he appeased by this act of sorcery?”

“Against Lousy Holocaust Novels,” Dara Horn

“Why do we read Holocaust novels? To remember, the pious secularists will intone. But what does that mean?”

“Who’ll Be Last?,” Jenny Diski

“Do I want to live another year or so, or do I want to throw up, feel ill and eat when I haven’t the slightest appetite? That is a new question. I have to digest it before I can begin to answer it.”

“Why Recent Yale Protests Aren't Radical Enough,” Mark Oppenheimer

“I know that many were offended by the students, seen in videos, who used profanity toward Master Christakis; others were made uncomfortable by the confrontational tone some took toward Dean Holloway. But I saw in those exchanges the beginning of hope.”

Hedgehogs abroad:

Editor Jay Tolson went on WTJU to discuss the new issue. Listen here!