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The Hedgehog's Array: November 7, 2014

Noteworthy reads from last week:

“New Outside Groups Prove Worth to Conservative Donors” Nicholas Confessore

“The election was not only a major victory for the Republican Party, but a life-or-death moment for the super PACs and political nonprofit groups that helped the party defeat Democrats across the country.”

“Good Ol’ Future Boys: Interstellar and Sci-Fi’s Obsession with Americana” Phil Hoad

“Front and centre of these future visions, iconic American topography and its culture – the cosy homesteads, hypnotic crop plains, traveling fairs – almost feel as if they exist out of time.”

“The Salinger Riddle” Ross Posnock

“With their enthusiastic assumption that the novel you love was written by a lovable person—that art and life are continuous—Holden’s words point to the promise of intimacy that is often said to result from the unique bond Salinger establishes with his readers.”

“Urban Onshoring: The Movement to Bring Tech Jobs Back to America” Issie Lapowsky

"Carter remembers being told that she was one of the ‘bright ones’ and that, as such, she should leave the Bronx as soon as she could.”

“Who has the Authority to Write Theology?” Stephen H. Webb

“Just as ecclesial traditions have lost their hold over the faithful, forcing churches to compete for members, universities and their publishing agents have lost control over theology.”

“Darkness at Noon Prayers: Inside the Islamic Police State” Jamie Dettmer

“Stalin, Castro, Pol Pot came before. The techniques of totalitarianism are not unique to ISIS. But here’s the scariest thing about them. They work.”

“Meet the Ghost-Sign Hunters” Nick Gadd

“Enthusiasts travel miles to photograph faded hand-painted adverts for products and business that no longer exist – symbols of defiance against the city’s relentless progress”

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