Alexander Stern


Alexander Stern is the author of The Fall of Language: Benjamin and Wittgenstein on Meaning and is an editor at Commonweal.

The Impotence of Being Clever

from Hope Itself, Volume 24, Number 3

The cleverness that proliferates in public life today is a nuisance.

Opinion Fetishism

from Distinctions That Define and Divide, Volume 23, Number 2

In any case, trying to use Twitter as a public square is like hiking the Matterhorn at Disneyland. Like the Matterhorn, Twitter is an amusement, not a place for exploration.

Critical Theory and the Newest Left

Corporations are not defanging a threatening ideology but welcoming it back home from a field trip.

Opinion Fetishism

Without the distance between self and thought, self and utterance, we are unable to entertain, probe, or debate ideas.