Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn


Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn is a professor of history in the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University and a fellow of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture. Her books include Race Experts: How Racial Etiquette, Sensitivity Training, and New Age Therapy Hijacked the Civil Rights Revolution and the forthcoming Ars Vitae: The Fate of Inwardness and the Return of the Ancient Arts of Living.

The New Old Ways of Self-Help

from The Post-Modern Self, Volume 19, Number 1

While some debate whether the self is real at all, human persons must make their way in the world, generally without strong institutional supports to guide or sustain them.

From Inwardness to Intravidualism

from The Shifting Experience of Self, Volume 13, Number 1

The available terms for making better sense of the human predicament are plentiful, but most are currently buried beneath layers of exhausted soil.