The Use and Abuse of History
Summer 2022 / Volume 24 / No. 2

The Use and Abuse of History

Any invitation to the uses of history should be accompanied by a warning about the dangers of making history too immediately useful—which is to say, too instrumental.

Table of Contents

From the Editors

The Use and Abuse of History

Kyle Edward Williams

Notes & Comments

Russia’s War, and Ours

John M. Owen

Insensitivity Training

Carl Elliott

Politics, Anyone?

Charles Blattberg

Thematic: The Use and Abuse of History

Nietzsche’s Quarrel with History

Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen

A Usable Past for a Post-American Nation

Johann N. Neem

Vladimir and Volodymyr: A Pivotal Moment in History

Martha Bayles

The Tragedy of the American Political Tradition

Nick Burns

The Evangelical Question in the History of American Religion

Kirsten Sanders


Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn


Following Alexis de Tocqueville: A Conversation with Historian and Biographer Olivier Zunz

Jay Tolson


On Patrimony

Brian Patrick Eha


Philip Weinstein

Democracy Disrupted

Eric B. Schnurer

Book Review

The Dream of Electric Sheep

Ryan Kemp

Toward a Serious Inquiry into Human Life

Paul Nedelisky

To the Depths and Back

Christopher Sandford

You Won’t Miss Them Till They’re Gone

Paul Franz

Market Failure

Jay Tolson

Robert Bellah’s Search for Unity

Philip S. Gorski



B.D. McClay