Eric B. Schnurer


Eric B. Schnurer is president of Public Works, a public policy consulting firm, and founder of the Greater Good Initiative, which addresses the effects of technological change on government, society, and the economy.


Democracy Disrupted

from The Use and Abuse of History, Volume 24, Number 2

What, then, of democracy? I doubt it will survive—at least in the form we know.

How to Survive and Thrive in the AI Apocalypse

The ironic result of the triumph of the machine may be the creation of an ecosystem in which supra-rational gnostic appeals flourish.

What Will America Look Like After a Second Trump Term?

Trump is a man for our moment. Both that man and moment are less authoritarian than anarchic.

Autocracy Rising

Turkey presents an inversion of the usual presumptions about the current global struggle between liberalism and conservatism.

The Art of Prediction and the Arc of the Moral Universe

Plausible forecasts may help us avert the worst political calamities.

The Rise of Vetocracy

The 2020 election has made clear that we remain a deeply divided nation.

Our Chekhov Moment

Who will emerge as the new elite from this particular moment’s cast of winners and losers?

The Price of Freedom

The point of reopening is not to free voluntary workers but to place more into the category of “mandatory worker.”

False Positive

How are we to respond when faced with competing  uncertainties?