From the Editors


From the Editor

from The Evening of Life, Volume 20, Number 3

Denying the reality of old age, we too often fail to profit from its invaluable lessons. 

The Ghost of Kinsey Past

from The Shifting Experience of Self, Volume 13, Number 1

The Kinsey agenda remains alive as key justifications for counting up sexual acts.

The Language Deficit

from The Shifting Experience of Self, Volume 13, Number 1

An Modern Language Association (MLA) study calling for curricular reform that addresses the need for increased language instruction and incorporates cultural and historical reflection. 

Ghost Marketing

from The Shifting Experience of Self, Volume 13, Number 1

Analyses of ghostwritten articles shows them to both exaggerate effectiveness and downplay adverse effects. 

The Moral Life of Corporations

from The Moral Life of Corporations, Volume 11, Number 2

The corporation has never entirely escaped entanglement in matters of good and bad, right and wrong.

Youth Culture

from Youth Culture, Volume 11, Number 1

Youth culture is an invention of modernity. It has not always been with us.

Human Dignity and Justice

from Human Dignity and Justice, Volume 9, Number 3

What do we mean when we say that humans have dignity?

The Uses of the Past

from The Uses of the Past, Volume 9, Number 2

The past is not, of course, one thing; there are many pasts, and they are continually being rewritten.

Intellectuals and Public Responsibility

from Intellectuals and Public Responsibility, Volume 9, Number 1

The idea of “public intellectuals” elicits two responses that are fundamentally opposed.

Meditations on Exile and Home

from Meditations on Exile and Home, Volume 7, Number 3

Home evokes identity, family, comfort, domesticity, privacy, space, the past.

Commitments in a Post-Foundationalist World

from Weak Ontologies, Volume 7, Number 2

With the publication of our first special issue, some words of explanation are in order.

Fear Itself

from Fear Itself, Volume 5, Number 3

Fear in contemporary culture is ubiquitous.

The Commodification of Everything

from The Commodification of Everything, Volume 5, Number 2

This issue of The Hedgehog Review explores what is at stake in the encroachment of commodification into almost every aspect of life.

Pragmatism: What’s the Use?

from Pragmatism: What’s the Use?, Volume 3, Number 3

Can pragmatism free us from the swing between the absolute and the arbitrary?

The Body and Being Human

from The Body and Being Human, Volume 3, Number 2

Our thinking about the body is simply not keeping pace with the complex technological, economic, and social pressures imposed upon the body.


from What’s the University For?, Volume 2, Number 3

A question like “What’s the university for?” only makes sense in a time of rapid societal transformation.

Questions of Identity

from Identity, Volume 1, Number 1

This is not just a matter of theory or of what academics say about identity; it also concerns how people experience themselves in daily life at the end of the twentieth century.

Introducing the Summer issue

Identities—what are they good for?