Murray Milner, Jr.


Murray Milner Jr. (1935–2019) was a Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of Virginia and a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture. His books included the influential Freaks, Geeks, and Cool Kids, among many others.

The Kids Are Alright

from The Phantom Economy, Volume 12, Number 2

Should we be as concerned about equality of outcomes as we are about equality of opportunity?

Youth Culture in a “Faraway Place”

from Youth Culture, Volume 11, Number 1

How do the youth cultures of these two settings differ?

Celebrity Culture as a Status System

from Celebrity Culture, Volume 7, Number 1

How is contemporary celebrity culture similar to or different from other status systems?

Solidarity, the Sacred, and Human Rights

from The Body and Being Human, Volume 3, Number 2

Recognizing frailty is a useful place to begin, but it has a severe limitation as a basis for either explaining or defending human rights.

Dispatches from Today’s Youth Culture: Romance and Intimacy

“Normal” intimate relationships for teenagers have shifted toward a more explicit instrumentalism.

Dispatches from Today’s Youth Culture: A More Instrumental Peer Culture

Have teenage friendships become more instrumental?

Dispatches from Today’s Youth Culture: Polarization

The greater the gap students must overcome, the less likely their expressed expectations are likely to be fulfilled.

Dispatches from Today’s Youth Culture: Academic Pressure

Tests lower student morale and make them more cynical about the educational process.

Dispatches from Today’s Youth Culture: New Uses and Abuses of Social Invisibility

New digital technologies are creating new forms of social invisibility and changing the nature of postmodern culture.

Dispatches from Today's Youth Culture: Social Visibility

Teenagers have multiple motivations for their use of social media, but a concern about their status with other peers is certainly central—and social visibility is a prerequisite to such status.

Status Elites

Within the literature on elites, status tends to be relatively ignored or neglected in favor of economic and political power.

Dishonesty in the Headlines

“My word is my bond,” business “done with a handshake,” and “honor codes” are not even the rhetoric of the day, much less the reality.