Paul Nedelisky


Paul Nedelisky, a postdoctoral research scholar at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, received his PhD in philosophy from the University of Virginia. He is the co-author with James Davison Hunter of Science and the Good: The Tragic Quest for the Foundations of Morality (Yale, 2018).

The Calculus of Ought

from Questioning the Quantified Life, Volume 22, Number 2

Quantification is more than merely a means of communication and persuasion in a fragmented culture.

Impossible Wonder

Does understanding really rule out wonder?

Brother Rat?

Empirical verifiability is great when you can get it. But the worry here is what might happen to our self-understanding as human beings if we become willing to trade in an understanding of a rich and meaning-laden feature of our nature for, well, something we can share with a rat.

Is Nothing Truly Alive?

What's the real-world significance of arguing in a New York Times op-ed that life doesn't exist? More than we might initially think.