Making a Living Is More Than Work

Jonathan Malesic

Henry David Thoreau has a reputation for being suspicious of work.

The Need for Mourning

Paul Franz

Surely among the proper responses to despair is something more like disdain, contempt, loathing, a refusal to stoop—in short, a refusal to surrender?

The COVID Regime and the Liberal Subject

Matthew B. Crawford

COVID made visible the usually subterranean core of the liberal project, which is not merely political but anthropological.

Enchantments of the One and Zero Mirror

Antón Barba-Kay

What is the relationship between our conception of ultimate purpose and digital technology?

Current Issue Current Issue: Theological Variations

Theological Variations

Recovering theology in a contemporary context.

Of Continuing Interest

A selection of articles from the archives

Taming the Furies

Martha Bayles

Every society in history has limited speech in some way, yet some have remained freer than others.

Unbecoming American

Johann N. Neem

As a child, I thought that to be American was to believe in individuality, to support pluralism and equality, and to celebrate common holidays and eat common foods.

Being Left Behind

Felicia Wu Song

No longer fed by universal hope, Progress is instead driven by fear.

Democratic Authority at Century’s End

Jean Bethke Elshtain

The democratic story added the following to the idea of civic order: Through pledges and promises—a social contract or covenant—persons throw in their fortunes with one another. They seek not a perfect world, but a better one. And authority is necessary to its realization.