Our Pets, Ourselves

Christine Rosen

A turn to animals for emotional support is hardly surprising, even if it is not ideal.

Mary Midgley, 1919–2018

Phil Christman

Mary Midgley’s writing was profound but rarely technical; she trained her sights on general problems.

Wayward Leviathans

David Ciepley

How America's corporations lost their public purpose.

Good on Paper

Nan Z. Da

Books, reading, and literature cultivate “a way of being in time.”

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Of Continuing Interest

A selection of articles from the archives

Big Promises, Unfulfilled Expectations

Joseph E. Davis

The overselling of possible cures and even the eradication of diseases has yielded vast outlays for genetic and stem cell research.

Defender of Utopia’s Remnant

Charles Mathewes

Even as he was sharpening and deepening his critique of capitalism’s effects on democracy, Habermas never jettisoned his faith in the idea of democracy itself.

Something More Than Clever

B.D. McClay

Most people involved with the issues of sexual assault and harassment—both victim’s advocates and advocates for the accused—believe that the present Title IX system needs reform.

Story, Sign, and Play

Nathan Goldman

Certainly the most delightful, these pieces may also be the most revealing about Benjamin. They foreground the power of unbounded play, which for Benjamin is essential to radical thinking and to the sacredness of stories.