Our Chekhov Moment

Posted on June 29, 2020
Image: Cherry blossoms by Lance Cheung with a portrait of Anton Chekhov near the end of his life.

Who will emerge as the new elite from this particular moment’s cast of winners and losers?

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How to Cook a Wolf Under Lockdown

Posted on June 25, 2020
Image: M.F.K. Fisher shopping in a Paris market in the 1940s.

My quarrel with M.F.K. Fisher was part of a larger quarrel I’ve been having with myself ever since we went to ground in March. 

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Cousin Starfish

Posted on June 23, 2020
Image: Specimens of the sea star wasting disease; photo by Michael Kyte/UC Santa Cruz; seastarwasting.org.

Mother Nature sees you not as a soul shimmering with intelligence but as one solution to the problem of metabolism. 

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